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Italian excellence

The art of the table since 1856

Sambonet represents the perfect combination of quality, style and experience for your table. Discover award-winning, original and unique cutlery! Sambonet began serving the homes of the Piedmontese in the very years in which united Italy was born. On the table of the first Italians, right from the start! 


Are you looking for inspiration?

Discover Gio Ponti collection, made by the Master of made-in-Italy design, or the icons of the table such as Linea Q, developed by Sambonet Design Centre. Whether it's a setting for everyday, Sunday brunch or festive mise-en-place, Sambonet cutlery and collections always allow to impress your guest and make every experience special.

Stainless Steel Mirror Steel + 5 Colors Ø 11,0 cm - h 12,5 cm


Stainless Steel Silverplated Steel + 2 Colors 17,8 cm


Stainless Steel Mirror Steel + 2 Colors


Stainless Steel Mirror Steel 2 Sizes

£317.59 - £353.99

Stainless Steel Mirror Steel + 3 Colors 2 Sizes

£49.96 - £59.06

Stainless Steel Mirror Steel + 2 Colors


Cutting-edge technology

Discover the must-have special finishes for your everyday and festive table. The vintage effect obtained through a series of industrial processes of an abrasive nature that give the surfaces a deliberately 'worn' effect; the Black, Copper, Gold and Champagne coloured cutlery obtained through PVD, a process that gives the objects precious colours and shades. And then, of course, there is the silverplated cutlery.
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We are manifacturer

Enhanced by the shine of stainless steel. Everything starts from a mould and follows a meticolous productive process, because all cutlery undergoes a scrupulous final check to verify its impeccable quality.

Perfect shapes
Meticulous design, constant execution and care in each step of production.
Always elegant
Classic shapes and design experimentation. Each cutlery expresses the best of Sambonet.
Top quality
Top grade stainless steels and fine finishes, for product of excellence.
Traditional and industrial processing, carried out by highly specialised staff.
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