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The Best for Your Guest

Hosting is in our DNA, since 1856. Wonderfulness too. We welcome you into our company, into our offices, and we want it to come into your home. To provide it to all who sit at your table.


Beauty and functionality

Sambonet aims to spread innovation, culture, art, starting from the table. Concepts linked to our know-how that we intend to show to anyone with attentive eyes and an eager mind. We want to share the idea of beauty that is close to people, capable of expressing their personality, regardless of fashions.


We create unique products

Sambonet provides products for the kitchen and tableware, for the supplies of houses hotels and restaurants. Every day our products renew the love of hosting and hospitality all over the the world. We observe with genuine curiosity about people and the society in which live in, and we respond to their needs with ingeniously manufactured solutions.


70 years of design

Sambonet is as much about design as it is about genius and creativity. While the 'GS' stamp expresses the heritage of the founder Giuseppe Sambonet, the Sambonet brand logo was designed in 1950 by Max Huber, Albe Steiner and Roberto Sambonet. An image that, for over 70 years now, has underlined the strong connection between the company and the world of Italian design, reflected by several international awards.


The balance between elements

The history of design begins when two apparently opposite worlds meet: beauty and functionality. Each object derives from the combination of the designer’s genius and the needs of those who will use it, from the harmony of the form and the concreteness of the gesture. It is the balance between these elements that turns a piece of cutlery into a timeless icon.

Discover our history

Sambonet is a historic brand of national interest

The company is proud to be acknowledged for its historical nature and long-lived heritage of Italian manufacturing excellence.


How we create cutlery

Any piece of cutlery is designed to live in your hands. Using it means feeling its material, perceiving its volumes, touching its finishes. This is why we keep on innovating the experience that each product can give you.

Discover our production
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