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How we make cutlery

Sambonet cutlery collections are unique thanks to the expertise of the artisans who, in addition to ensuring the accuracy and uniqueness of each creation, using innovative techniques guarantee very high precision at every stage of the manufacturing process.


Vocation to innovation

A visionary approach to production technology has always been close to the heart of the company. Over the years, Sambonet has constantly invested in new technologies and kept all its machinery running at a high level of efficiency, as well as making particularly large investments in Industry 4.0 in recent times.

The art of cutlery manufacturing

Everything starts from a mould and follows a meticolous productive process. We have more than 5.000 cutlery moulds, one for each type of item. During manufacturing, all cutlery undergoes a scrupulous final check to verify its impeccable quality. This is our italian "saper fare" (know-how).

Rolling operation creates the thickness and establish the cutlery balance. Outside blank cutting generates the definition of the profile.
The production cycle includes cutting of the tines. Afterwards, forks and spoons are washed in order to eliminate any residuals.
800 tonnes of pressure are applied to the objects to create shapes and decorations. The edges are trimmed and the item are mirror-polished.
'Monobloc' knives comes from a single piece. In 'Orfevre hollow handle' ones two pieces are welded together to the blade, to get a perfect balance.

How we made holloware

Along cutlery, holloware is one of Sambonet's excellences. Combining state-of-the-art technological equipment and expert craftsmanship, this process leads to the creation of coffee pots, teapots, trays and table accessories.

A piston pushes and moulds the metal sheet into a cylinder, which is then further shaped.
A 350-tonne press perfectly trims the surfaces, which will be taped, cleaned and polished.
A process already adopted by Sambonet since the 1980s, which uses the force of water to shape the sheets through up to 1200 tons of pressure.
Latest tooling
By welding or extrusion, the last details of the product are obtained, to which handles or lids are fitted through the skill of Sambonet operators.


How we make each cutlery unique



The purity of the silver combined with the certified quality of steel, are the base of Sambonet’s production excellence. In 1938 Sambonet developed the exclusive H§P Hard Sambonet Silverplating technique, thus becoming one of the first Italian companies to get sophisticated technologies for silverplating on stainless steel. A cycle of electroplating and polishing ensures greater durability and resistance to the tarnishing.

Discover silverplated cutlery

PVD Colours

The PVD (PHYSICAL VAPOUR DEPOSITION) coating is a highly innovative treatment that gives the objects precious colors and trendy shades. It consists of the deposition of metallic particles through vaporization in a vacuum chamber. The coating is welded on an atomic level to the stainless steel, giving the material greater hardness and resistance to rubbing and corrosion, thereby preventing the formation of rust or oxides.

Discover coloured cutlery
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