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Award-Winning Design

Each Sambonet product is a unique design work, where originality and craftsmanship are combined with technical innovation. The consolidated know-how allows to propose on the market exclusive products that stand out for the unique and award-winning design, signed Sambonet.


Our creative touch

Undoubtedly the distinctive trait in Sambonet's work and design is given by its autonomy in realization, from the concept and the design phase to the production phase, thus giving all products a clear connotation of craftsmanship: 90% of the products are in fact signed by the in-house design center. This has always helped to strengthen the brand identity, making it exclusive and unmistakable in the international panorama.


Success continues today

Sambonet's latest two novelties, the Radici collection and Neutra cutlery, won the Iconic Awards 2024: Interior Products. The prize is given to companies and designers who stand out for creativity, quality, uniqueness and originality. Our Centro Stile, led by Paola Longoni, designed two innovative and uniquely designed collections that stood out in the Product design - Kitchen and Household category.

Discover Radici & Neutra

Working with the Masters of design

Collaborations with renowned external designers are linked to specific projects and enrich the wide "home-made" offer by Sambonet.


Roberto Sambonet

Roberto Sambonet is Sambonet's iconic designer.

He was born in Vercelli in 1924 and studied painting at the Brera Academy in Milan and Architecture at the Polytechnic. After his experience in Sweden and Brazil, he went back to Italy and opened his own studio in Milan, designing steel product lines, achieving international recognition and several awards. Since 1954 he collaborated with the family business, also dealing with graphics and communication. From 1956 to 1960 he was the Art Director of the magazine Zodiac, and in the sixties he became a consultant for La Rinascente.

His Pesciera (Fish kettle) won the Compasso d'Oro in 1970 and currently in the collection at the MoMA in New York.

Discover Pesciera

In-house Design Department

The brand's focus on design is still firmly established today in the work of the in-house Design Centre, named "Centro Stile".

In 2020, the Centro Stile added the German Innovation Award and ADI Design Index - Honourable mention" to its list of accolades with “Madame”, the innovative tabletop collection.

Discover Madame

Tailor Made program

"This cutlery can be customised in countless ways makes it a real find. The products are notable for their lovely shapes and superb quality. Sensational."

Sambonet also offers customised cutlery sets for which you can choose the colour, finish, or an engraving. Sambonet Tailor Made Program is winner of the Iconic Awards 2019 Innovative Interior: Best of the Best. 

Discover Tailor Made

All design awards won by Sambonet

Sambonet is an Italian company that has been producing cutlery, tableware and decorative objects since 1865. Throughout its history, the company has received numerous design awards, testifying to the excellence of its work and its commitment to innovative, quality design, combined with the company's tradition of craftsmanship. Discover here below our award winning collections and projects.

Compasso d’oro ADI

1994 - Hannah, Anna Castelli Ferrieri

1970 - Pesciera, Roberto Sambonet

Compasso d’oro ADI - Menzione d'onore

2019 - Madame, Centro Stile Sambonet

ADI Design Index

2019 - Madame, Centro Stile Sambonet

2014 - Terra.Cotto, Stefania Vasquez

2004 - S-Pot, Rodolfo Dordoni

Red Dot Design Award

2013 - Centerpiece, Gio Ponti / Centro Stile Sambonet

2013 - 12'O'Clock, Centro Stile Sambonet

2011 - Sphera, Centro Stile Sambonet

2007 - Twist, Centro Stile Sambonet

2007 - Menu, Centro Stile Sambonet

Iconic Award

2021 - Penelope, Centro Stile Sambonet

2019 - Tailor Made program

2018 - Kyma, Serena Confalonieri / Gianni Cinti

2017 - 1965 Vintage, Centro Stile Sambonet

2024 - Radici, Centro Stile Sambonet

2024 - Neutra, Centro Stile Sambonet

Good Design Award

2013 - Centerpiece, Gio Ponti / Centro Stile Sambonet

2012 - Gio Ponti Conca, Gio Ponti / Centro Stile Sambonet

2011 - Sphera, Centro Stile Sambonet

2009 - Party, Centro Stile Sambonet

2008 - H-Art, Centro Stile Sambonet

Interior Innovation Award

2013 - Centerpiece, Gio Ponti / Centro Stile Sambonet

Wallpaper Design Awards

2014 - Terra.Cotto, Stefania Vasquez

2013 - Centerpiece, Gio Ponti / Centro Stile Sambonet

Designpreis Deutschland

2019 - Madame, Centro Stile Sambonet

2009 - H-Art, Centro Stile Sambonet

Contract Design: International Design Award: Fiera di Genova, POLIdesign

2004 - Imagine, Centro Stile Sambonet

Other prizes received by Sambonet

Throughout its history, Sambonet has achieved notable awards for its graphic design and publishing work, as well as for its advertising and corporate business.

ADI Design Index: Catalog

2013 - Le Tavole catalog


2022 - Bon Ton Tips campaign, Gummy Industries

2019 - Tailor Made video, Studio Miller and Matteo Bellizzi

Confindustria Award for Excellence

2006 - Sambonet Paderno Industrie SpA

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