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Silver Force Frypan

Aluminium, Steel - lid included: No

£45.41 - £72.71
Aluminium, Steel Beige-Grey

Silver Force Frypan

Aluminium, Steel - lid included: No

£45.41 - £72.71
Aluminium, Steel Beige-Grey

  • Full range for all uses in the kitchen.
  • 100% Made in Italy.
  • Designed for both daily and intensive use.
  • For induction, all hobs, traditional oven.
  • Dishwasher safe.
  • Recyclable aluminium body, reinforcement layers with mineral particles, silver ions coating.
  • Free of PFOA, nickel, lead and cadmium.
  • Stainless steel handles, solid glass lids.


  • Safe and hypoallergenic. 99.5% protection against microbes.
  • Silver ions make surfaces inhospitable to microorganisms such as bacteria, mould, viruses and fungi, which are unable to proliferate or survive.
  • It avoids stains, protects against wear and tear, facilitates cleaning and extends product life. 
  • Maximum hygiene, total safety and reliability before, after and during cooking.
  • The hygienic action keeps surfaces clean and odourless.
  • Preserves and maximises the natural aromas and flavours of food.

Antibacterial silver ion coating and strong reinforced edge make Sambonet Silver Force perfect for everyday cooking.

  • Brand: Sambonet
  • Collection: Silver Force
  • Material: Aluminium, Steel
  • Number of items in set: 1
  • Item number: 51084-20_vg
  • Year of introduction: 2023
  • Food contact safe: true
  • Oven safe: false
  • Dishwasher suitability: Dishwasher Suitable
  • Shape of item: Round

  • Height: null
  • Width: null
  • Length: null
  • Diameter: null
  • Capacity: null
  • Internal diameter: null
  • Internal length: null
  • Internal width: null
  • Blade length: null
  • Thickness: null
  • Maximum payload: null
  • Life status: null
  • Weight of article: null
  • Package height: null
  • Package width: null
  • Package length: null
  • Weight of packaging: null
  • Package weight: null
  • product.techspecs.custom_code_export: null

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