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Silver Force

Silver Force

For the best cooking, with no effort required. The new Silver Force cookware range has been developed by Sambonet with cutting-edge Made in Italy technologies. The nonstick coating preserves the aroma and taste of food and , through the mineral coating with silver ions, it is 99.5% effective against microorganisms such as bacteria, mold, viruses and fungi. Minimalist shapes are designed in a contemporary and functional approach to satisfy the needs of an everyday kitchen.

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Aluminium, Beige-Grey


Aluminium, Beige-Grey


Aluminium, Steel Beige-Grey Ø 16,0 cm - h 12,0 cm - 1,200 l


Aluminium, Steel Beige-Grey 5 Sizes

£45.41 - £72.71

Aluminium, Steel Beige-Grey Ø 28,0 cm - h 10,2 cm - 4,100 l


Aluminium, Steel Beige-Grey Ø 28,0 cm - h 8,5 cm - 4,000 l


Aluminium, Steel Beige-Grey 2 Sizes

£81.81 - £104.56

Glass Transparent 3 Sizes

£23.57 - £27.21
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