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New collections

Discover the new Sambonet collections between cutlery, kitchen and for serving with taste. Find the right inspiration and your favorite collection!

Rock 2 black
A sweet and perfect gift

Rock Collection in the new 2 Black color look 

Discover all  

Stainless Steel Mirror PVD 2Black + 6 Colors


Stainless Steel Mirror Steel + 6 Colors


Stainless Steel Mirror PVD 2Black + 6 Colors


Stainless Steel Mirror Steel + 6 Colors


Serving Items
Practicality and aesthetic research

The awarded ”Extra Cutlery” and Ice buckets and cooler of Penelope collection

Discover the extra cutlery  

Stainless Steel Mirror Steel + 2 Colors 22,0 cm


Stainless Steel Mirror PVD Gold + 2 Colors 22,0 cm


Stainless Steel, Resin Mirror Silver + 2 Colors Ø 18,3 cm - h 28,0 cm


Stainless Steel, Resin Mirror PVD Gold + 2 Colors Ø 18,3 cm - h 28,0 cm


Sambonet cutlery, a choice of style

Sambonet has represented Italian excellence in silver and stainless-steel cutlery production since 1856. From the most classical style to the latest design, Sambonet allows you to choose from a wide range of cutlery sets and models, which have won numerous prestigious international awards. Sambonet cutlery perfectly combines tradition and innovation, safeguarding quality and carefully crafted details.


How to choose the best cutlery for your table?

Sambonet cutlery is unique on the market,

  • perfect shapes and oriented to functionality,
  • easy to handle and ergonomic cutlery,
  • cutlery sets suitable for all uses and occasions,
  • quality stainless steel cutlery, with cutting-edge technology,
  • solid, resistant and long-lasting cutlery,
  • dishwasher safe cutlery.

Sambonet is the best brand of cutlery for all your needs.


Cutlery for all styles 

Design-oriented cutlery created by Italian Master

Cutlery evolves with fashion and taste, without ever losing functionality. Gio Ponti Conca cutlery or Hannah cutlery combine sophisticated design experiments with a sophisticated style that doesn't go unnoticed.


Contemporary and trendy cutlery

Sambonet offers innovative stylistic interpretations of stainless steel, opening up the table to design-oriented moods. In Jet Set Cutlery Collection, a fashionable relief is imprinted on the entire body of the cutlery, both front and back, for extremely refined mise-en-place.


Refined and classic cutlery

The elegance meets a refined taste, oriented towards a reinterpretation of the classic. With Contour cutlery, Baroque cutlery or Baguette cutlery, you bring style and refinement to the table, with a timeless modern style.


Which Sambonet cutlery sets to choose? Here are the best sellers!

Sambonet offers you different cutlery sets, suitable for all tables or as gift ideas:

  • Table set 24 cutlery includes fork, knife, spoon and teaspoon, for 6 people
  • Table set 36 cutlery: includes fork, knife, spoon and teaspoon, but also fruit fork and fruit knife, all for 6 people
  • Set 6 dessert forks
  • Set 6 espresso coffee spoons

Finally, Sambonet offers numerous models of giftboxed cutlery, cutlery for aperitifs, cutlery for serving and stainless steel cutlery for kids.


Exceptional materials for high quality cutlery

Bright stainless steel cutlery

Mirror-effect finish enhances the high quality of Sambonet 18/10 stainless steel cutlery, emphasizing shapes and design. Reflections enrich the cutlery, make it even more precious.


The timeless beauty of silverplated cutlery

The purity of the silver combined is the base of Sambonet’s production excellence since 1856. Sambonet’s exclusive technique for silver cutlery, carried out by highly trained specialists, ensures greater durability and resistance to the tarnishing.


Extra-ordinary PVD colored cutlery

The development of fascinating PVD color shades Gold, Copper, Black and Champagne always offers new possibilities to the contemporary table and lifestyle. Sambonet colored cutlery acquire high resistance to wear and scratches, maintaining a uniform aesthetic performance for a long time.


How to clean stainless steel cutlery?

We design our cutlery so that cleaning in the dishwasher is not a problem. For optimal washing, see our use and maintenance tips. Sambonet cutlery is made of solid, durable stainless steel, which is unaffected by frequent washing.


Guaranteed quality

At every stage of production, each piece of cutlery or cutlery set are subjected to strict and accurate tests and inspections before final packaging. Finally, the items are polished and evaluated for their uniformity and shine. Once approved, they are packaged in order to preserve their bright.


How to set the table with your Sambonet cutlery.

Forks are placed to the left of the plate, in the order of use from the outside to the inside. There should be no more than three forks, with tines pointing up. Standard, fish or meat knives are always placed to the right with blades turned toward the plate. The soup spoon, if any, is placed to the right, in the outermost position next to knives. Fruit and dessert flatware is placed horizontally above the plate with the following layout: knife with blade towards the plate and handle to the right, fork with tines pointing up and handle to the left. The dessert spoon is placed in the outermost position with the handle to the right, like the knife.

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