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Sambonet goes greener

Sustainability, transparency and awareness are keywords of our Corporate Responsibility.

Sambonet goes greener

Clean energy

In 2022 we activated the new zero-impact solar photovoltaic system, installed on the roof of our factory. More than 3,000 panels on 6,000 sqm. The plant can generate an average of 1,250 KW, equal to 30% of the company's annual needs. The plant cuts CO2 emissions into the environment consistently, the equivalent of 7,500 planted trees in 5 years. A small but significant contribution to our planet.

Our efforts, every day

Beside monitoring water consumption and purification systems, we use energy-efficient LED lighting elements, twilight lamps throughout the plant and controlled thermostats in every office. We have reduced paper consumption by choosing digital archiving, using recyclable materials and separate waste collection in every room. This is non-stop progress.

Responsible consumption

We care about our planet and that is why we set our environmental policy on a responsible consumption. We use clean and renewable energy sources such as methane and electricity, or resources to be returned to the environment completely intact – as in the case of the groundwater used in our plant, which is constantly analyzed and monitored by our laboratory.

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