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How to set the table for a dinner with friends

Tips and ideas for a special evening, inspired by Sambonet's warm and refined style. Discover how best to set the table and turn your dinner into an unforgettable experience!


Set a cosy and stylish mood

Hosting a dinner party with friends is a fun way to spend time together and create long-lasting memories.

An essential step in this process is setting the table, which can set a cosy atmosphere and make the experience even more enjoyable.Welcome your guests with a collection of chic elements like Penelope.

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Enjoy the art of mise en place with Sambonet

Setting the table for a dinner with friends does not have to be a daunting task. With a little creativity and planning, you can create an appealing setting that will enhance the delightful cuisine and enjoyable fellowship of your evening.


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How to set the table in a simple yet stylish way

Whether you are celebrating a birthday, Halloween, New Year's Eve or simply a romantic evening, Sambonet is with you to make every event unique. With our suggestions and your family and friends, every dinner party becomes a fun and unique occasion. 

Ideas for an original dinner party: choose your style at the table

If you are planning a perfect dinner party for friends, start planning your perfect evening now:

  • Consider the number of guests: make sure you have enough plates and cutlery for everyone. Discover our cutlery set by number of people.
  • Match your style: choose plates and cutlery that match your décor and mise en place. Explore our cutlery by style.
  • Plates in different shapes and colours: create a dynamic and fun look with our plate selection.
  • Choose items according to the type of dinner: if you plan to serve pizza, opt for large pizza plates.
  • Go for quality: choose high quality products that will last.

The importance of the tablecloth and napkins

The tablecloth and napkins are not simply complements, but the foundations of your dinner party décor. Choose colours and textures that reflect your personal taste and create a warm and welcoming atmosphere for your guests. Want to impress with a contemporary choice? Here are for you lively and refined placemats.

Decorate your table: the choice of colours and centrepiece

Colour is the silent voice of your table. An original centrepiece, juxtaposed with wine glasses and bottles neatly arranged in their glacettes and wine buckets, turns a simple dinner into a special evening. Whether you are organising an informal aperitif or an elegant lunch, let colours speak the language of your creativity.

Details that matter: place name cards and decorations

Every detail is a gift for the eyes. Add showplates and name-placeholder, elements that add a touch of sophisticated style. A garland, a basket with fresh fruit or carefully placed candles can elevate the ordinary... to the extraordinary!


Setting the table for friends

Immerse yourself in a culinary experience that starts well before the first bite. Follow Sambonet's style tips and set the table with our cutlery and you will bring etiquette and style right into your own home.

Choose, for instance, Venezia, a collection that stands out for the fashionable relief on the entire body of the cutlery, for an extremely refined mise-en-place.

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Preparing dinner: food for all tastes

A kitchen full of ideas is an open invitation to the pleasure of the palate. Prepare your favourite desserts, such as cakes or a rich cheesecake, or delight your guests with cold meats, cheeses, and a variety of breads. And don't forget pizza, always a popular choice!

You can prepare all this with Sambonet Midnight Blue, non-stick cookware for induction and traditional oven, with innovative antibacterial silver ion coating.

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How to set up a perfect buffet corner

For a more informal approach or to start the evening, a buffet or aperitif corner can be a good solution. Prepare a dedicated area with plates, glasses, cutlery and napkins at hand. Choose an assortment of easy-to-eat appetisers such as canapés, cut vegetables, cheeses and cold meats.

For drinks, consider a self-service option with a small bar set up with ingredients for classic cocktails or mocktails.

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