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Table and Serving

Discover the whole selection for tableware and serving. Serving cutlery, springs and tongs from Living collection, elegant stands from the Madame and Penelope collections, Elite trays, iconic centrepieces by Gio Ponti, Bamboo and Sphera bowls and cups. Many accessories for the table such as New Living dishes and showplates from the Kyma and Linea Q collections, but also bread baskets, coasters and jugs.

Functionality and good taste

A perfect table

Tools and accessories conceived to amaze guests and create unique moments. Sambonet proposes the elements to boost creativity and styling at the table.

Living Collection
Everyday Serving Items

Impeccable service thanks to the accessories for collecting and arranging food: pliers, tongs, cake servers, panettone knives, ladles, serving forks and spoons. Each plate will be filled with care and naturalness thanks to the Sambonet stainless steel and silverplated serving cutlery.

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Table accessories

Table accessories are indispensable for personalising your kitchen: plates, cutlery and glasses are just some of the table accessories you need to choose with care and attention to unleash your creativity and complete the decor of your space. Table accessories are available in a wide range of colours, materials and shapes, ranging from classic to modern styles, and are designed to meet any furnishing requirement.

While many people like to coordinate all the elements to match a single style or colour, there are also those who believe that a beautiful table setting can only be achieved through a skilful mix that does not only include matching items: So give free rein to your creativity and imagination, creating combinations, even contrasting ones, by placing on the table bowls, baskets and trays, napkin rings, coasters, sugar bowls, salt and pepper shakers, salad bowls, bread bowls, decanters, jugs, just to give a few examples, but the possibilities are endless. The mix & match will allow elements that we may have inherited from our family of origin to coexist on the same table (very often sets that are missing many pieces but to which we are bound by memories) with other accessories that are decidedly more contemporary; or on a neutral base, such as a nice set of plates or cutlery, you can play with colour, inserting many coloured saucers and bowls, elements that may be different from each other and of different origins. This type of mise en place does not have to be dedicated to special occasions, but can be put into practice every day: setting the table becomes a fun experience that stimulates the imagination, puts us in a good mood and allows us to fully enjoy the flavours of the dishes we have cooked.

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