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Precious and multipurpose design ideas. Sambonet focuses on objects having a specific function but alluding to various uses.‎ The utensil found in the kitchen can be used in other contexts, planned from the very beginning.‎

Pesciera by Roberto Sambonet
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The Fish kettle designed by Roberto Sambonet is known for the numerous awards it has collected (Compasso d'Oro in 1970), and for being exhibited at New York MoMa museum.‎

Entirely in stainless steel, the Fish kettle was designed to be a multipurpose item going beyond its original function for cooking fish en papillote: it can be a serving-tray, a container for small objects or for desk knick-knacks.‎

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Candelabras and candle holder that combine emotion, high-quality made-in-Italy craftsmanship technological innovation. Perfect to bring style and pleasant shades of colours at home. Available in iconic collections: Domus , Kyma, Bamboo, Contour and Elite.
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Classic home decoration with Italian excellence

Decorating a home can be an exciting but daunting task. There are hours spent scrolling through Pinterest and sitting on the sofa flipping through your favourite home décor magazine. Now you can also find inspiration by flipping through Sambonet's range of home decoration items. Whether you are starting from scratch or simply adding pieces to embellish an already tastefully put-together living space, Sambonet has a multitude of luxury classic home décor items that will make your home even more refined and stylish. When purchasing home furnishings you can choose from:

- Bowls and baskets

- Holders and trays

- Candelabras and candle holders

- Centrepieces

- Display plates

- Picture Frames

- Clocks and watches

Shopping for household items has never been easier or more enjoyable! Each frame, candle holder, clock and the multitude of other homeware items offered by Sambonet are created with care and taste by the designers and our Style Centre team. Each of the stainless steel and silver-plated homeware items is made from the highest quality materials. These are homeware items that last and never go out of fashion.

Home furnishings for all tastes. Are you looking for household articles that perfectly match your taste in country furniture? Or perhaps you fancy something more classic to match a vintage décor theme. Sambonet offers something for everyone. There are a multitude of items that would suit any decorating taste. For a luxury décor theme, why not adorn your dining table with the distinctive and modern Gio Ponti centrepiece or fish bowl by Roberto Sambonet? Its design is unique and memorable. If you want something that satisfies your craving for country décor, why not indulge with the Sphera or Twist multipurpose bowls? It is rustic and modern at the same time, and exudes a warmth that will make your home even cosier. If it's vintage décor you're after, why not a simple and utterly elegant Frames Flat, More, Dew or Skin Frame. The 13 x 18 cm format would look great in your living room. Shopping for your favourite home décor items is easily organised by décor item or by collection.

This will make it easy to find original decorations and accessories to furnish all areas of the house in style, from candles for the bathroom to lamps and vases for the living room. Or, you can frame memorable moments spent with family or friends in one of the beautiful bilaminate silver framed photo frames, placing them prominently on the shelves of the living room or study furniture.

Sambonet home decor items are also perfect as gift ideas and for embellishing outdoor spaces such as terraces and gardens.

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