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Exceptional quality cutlery with the perfect balance of form and function

Whether you are looking for modern cutlery or something a little more vintage, Sambonet offers refined cutlery sets with the highest quality and award-winning design. With classic, designer, silver-plated and special finish collections to choose from, there is something for everyone. Creating the perfect balance between form and function is perfected by this Italian brand. Each piece of cutlery is a masterpiece, drawing on decades of experience and tradition. The sleek, elegant handles of some of the modern cutlery sets and the intricate, refined designs of the classic collections showcase Sambonet's versatility and creativity. Well-made and aesthetically pleasing, each knife, spoon and fork can enhance your culinary experience. Italian excellence, good taste and an eye for beauty combined with technical practicality are a winning combination, making this Italian cutlery a must-have. Perfect to match with other table accessories such as Sambonet glasses and plates, they will help make any mise en place impeccable. 


Silverware classics with style

Art is timeless and every Sambonet piece is an extraordinary work of art. Ranging from classic to contemporary, Sambonet shows its versatility from nostalgic pieces with vintage and classic cutlery sets to thoroughly modern cutlery designs. Vintage cutlery is reminiscent of a bygone era, transporting your imagination to another time and its elegant European dining rooms filled with gold-plated tableware and crystal chandeliers. Modern cutlery collections are sure to enrich your table with their super chic designs. The different collections reveal beautifully crafted and unique spoon, fork and knife handles that are sure to draw attention to your table. From Deco and Filet Toiras to Linea Q and Contour, these fine cutlery collections offer the highest quality and style that will last more than a lifetime. Made of durable materials such as stainless steel, they are practically indestructible and only need a few cares to preserve the shiny appearance of the cutlery for a long time.  


Italian designer cutlery for every day and special occasions

Sambonet cutlery sets have graced some of the world's finest dining rooms, from five-star hotels to your table. The versatile beauty of its elegant modern cutlery and the intrigue of its hammered cutlery demonstrate Sambonet's originality and craftsmanship. For everyday dining at home to luxury restaurant and hotel experiences, the 100% Italian products continually prove to be some of the best tableware in the world. Sambonet has created beautiful cutlery sets for restaurants and hotels that show not only stylistic perfection but at the same time functionality.  Whether at your table, sharing laughter and a good meal with friends, or celebrating a special occasion in a fine restaurant, Sambonet cutlery enhances every dining experience, making every course special. 


Complete your table in style

Whether you are looking for a cutlery set, or need to complete your table with forks, knives, spoons, or are looking for elegant serving cutlery, at Sambonet you will find multiple styles to suit every table. Visit the website to discover all the Sambonet cutlery collections. On sale both online and in shop, they are part of a whole range of home accessories of the highest aesthetic and functional quality that Sambonet is committed to guaranteeing for all its products.

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