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Living Table plier / The Extra Cutlery

€ 19,90
Delivered in 1-3 working days

Living Table plier / The Extra Cutlery

€ 19,90
Delivered in 1-3 working days

A fork? Tongs? No, what you see in it. The Sambonet Living collection adds a unique tool to the table... an "extra cutlery"!

  1. A refined design-oriented shape, inspired by the perfect symmetry of a compass.
  2. Placed next to the fork, knife and spoon, it creates a unique and original table setting.
  3. Each guest with their tongs can pick up food from the same serving dish, in total safety!
  4. Multi-purpose tongs for the table, but also for buffets and finger food, for putting the finishing touches to a plated recipe, or as an alternative to traditional oriental chopsticks.
  5. Made of durable stainless steel, shiny mirror finish. Dishwasher safe.

Mirror-effect finish enhances the high quality of stainless steel, emphasizing shapes and design. The surfaces are polished with additives and mechanical brushes made of different materials, which smooth the stainless steel lending it a high gloss. Reflections enrich the object, make it even more precious.

The Sambonet Living collection combines assortment, beauty, robustness and functionality. A wide range of items to easily serve any kind of food.

  • Brand: Sambonet
  • Collection: Living
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Look: Mirror Steel
  • Item number: 52550-72
  • EAN: 8014808399374
  • Year of introduction: 2022
  • End of life date:
  • Number of items in set: 1
  • Set composed by the following products:
  • Special for: Year-round
  • Gastronorm dimension: null
  • Maximum payload: null

  • Diameter: null
  • Length: 22,00 cm
  • Width: null
  • Height: null
  • Capacity: null
  • Weight of article: 60 gr
  • Internal diameter: null
  • Internal length: null
  • Internal width: null
  • Internal height: null
  • Blade length: null
  • Thickness: null
  • Special size info: null
  • Package length: 22,60 cm
  • Package width: 3,40 cm
  • Package height: 1,40 cm
  • Weight of packaging: null
  • Package weight: 60 gr
  • Volume of packaging: 0,1000 dm³

Dishwasher Suitable, max 55°
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