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A high-quality collection that makes your table precious, combines design, functionality and quality of the materials. Cutlery is 5 mm thick, made by solid stainless steel 18/10.




Linear Collection

Sambonet celebrates Italian design and excellence with Linear cutlery services. Sambonet with its long tradition and vocation to innovation has always been attentive to Made in Italy bringing style, quality and good taste on the table of consumers.

Esselunga & Sambonet

They renew, also this year, their collaboration started many years ago by proposing today the magnificent Linear cutlery set, a collection with simple, sinuous and at the same time elegant lines that make your table classy and precious. If you remember Hannah, one of the Sambonet designer cutlery sets that stole the hearts of consumers most of all and was part of the Esselunga catalogue a few years ago, you will certainly remember the attention the two companies pay to their consumers. For Sambonet and Esselunga, in fact, one of the core values that has accompanied and still accompanies their work is to promise and guarantee customers the excellent quality of their products and services. Show your guests that you care about them with the Sambonet cutlery set now available with Esselunga: discover Linear.

Here are the prizes to be won from the Linear collection with Esselunga:

  • Table place (fork, knife, spoon) with 10 stamps and €6
  • Fish place setting (fork, fish knife) with 8 stamps and €3.50
  • Fruit place setting (fork, knife, spoon) with 10 stamps and €3.50
  • Serving spoon with 12 stamps and €6
  • 3 table forks with 10 stamps and 5€
  • 3 gourmet spoons with 10 stamps and 5€
  • 6 dessert forks with 12 stamps and 7€
  • 6 coffee spoons with 12 stamps and 6€

Linear Collection

Geometry, simplicity and refinement achieve the perfect balance in this cutlery set, and the high quality is a combination of the lightness of steel and the elegance of its shape.

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