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Stainless Steel Mirror Steel 25,6 cm

€ 32,90

Stainless Steel Mirror Maple + 1 Color 24,2 cm

€ 37,90

Stainless Steel Mirror Dark Wood + 1 Color 25,3 cm

€ 41,90

Stainless Steel Mirror Ivory + 1 Color 25,3 cm

€ 44,90

Stainless Steel Mirror Ivory + 1 Color 24,2 cm

€ 45,90

Stainless Steel Mirror Steel 25,6 cm

€ 32,90

High quality table knives for over a century

No cutlery set is complete without a sturdy knife. From table knives to a good fish knife or a solid butter knife, Sambonet brings class, quality and beauty to the table. While a formal setting includes both a table knife and fish knife, it is important to have good butter and cheese knives as part of your collection for extraordinary dinners at home or events done with the utmost style. Unlike steak knives, table knives tend to have a dull, unsharpened edge. For more than a century, Sambonet has been dedicated to the production of cutlery services, each knife crafted with careful craftsmanship, high-quality materials, and superior production techniques. 

Different knives performing a unique task

With a good number of knives to choose from, it helps to know what purpose each one serves. A cook knows the particular characteristics of each knife and knows that they make a difference when cutting a chicken breast or sea bass. Here is a list of the various Sambonet knives that are part of the many cutlery sets:

- table knife

- steak knife

- fruit knife

- fish knife

- cheese knife

- butter knife

- butter spreader                                                                                                                                                       

Knives are available in a variety of finishes. For an elegant exterior that reflects more light, silver plating is the way to go. These finish options apply to all Sambonet spoons, knives and forks. On the other hand, stainless steel is an extremely durable material, and with proper care, a knife can last in good condition for more than a century. Therefore, it is important to practice proper maintenance, avoiding the use of corrosive chlorine and bleach-based detergents and abrasive sponges. In addition, Sambonet kitchen knives are dishwasher safe, but it is essential to dry them immediately after each wash. 

Why so many knives?

As with all spoons and forks, there are a myriad of knives created specifically to perform a specific function. The most common and basic of all these knives is the table knife. It is the longest knife found on a formal table and is used for the main course, unless of course a slice of meat is being served which therefore requires a good steak knife. The steak knife is not usually part of a cutlery set, but it is a must-have in your kitchen. Sambonet offers a wide variety of steak knives, such as those from the Gio Ponti collection, with a steel blade and handle, or knives from the Sirloin line with a maple wood handle. Completing this category are multi-purpose knife sets from the Dream lines, suitable for both meat and pizza. The dessert knife is offered in two versions depending on the set and design you choose. One knife has a more rounded end, while the other is sharper. How so. The rounded tip is useful for cutting softer desserts, while the pointed knife is better for something hard. Also in this category are the panettone knives from the Living collection, which have a serrated blade and are also suitable for slicing bread once placed on the cutting board. A fish knife has a wider blade and often has a notched tip. This is to help remove bones from the fish and on the plate. Sambonet offers two types of butter knives. One is smaller with a more rounded tip and is used to spread butter evenly on bread, while a butter knife has a sharper edge and is used to cut and move butter from the butter to the pan. The last knife is the cheese knife, characterized by its upward motion and forked tip. These particular knives specialize in cutting soft cheeses. And that's it! Every knife has its importance, and Sambonet is proud to offer a multitude of different designs and high-quality sets, something for everyone.

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