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Stainless Steel Mirror Steel + 1 Color 3 Sizes

€ 77,90 - € 95,50

Stainless Steel Silverplated Steel + 1 Color 3 Sizes

€ 153,90 - € 209,90

Nickel-Silver, Brass Silverplated Silver 2 Sizes

€ 228,90 - € 355,90

Nickel-Silver, Brass Silverplated Silver 0,420 l

€ 572,90

Nickel-Silver, Brass Silverplated Silver 2 Sizes

€ 355,90

The Sambonet steel and silver sauce boats are objects of refined design and go perfectly with their respective cutlery sets. For serving sauces at the table, accompanying meat dishes or side dishes, these accessories are a must in the kitchen and the high quality material gives them resistance and excellent aesthetics. Steel and silver give light to the ambience and the other items on the table, adding an extra touch of elegance to the entire mise-en-place and allowing you to match the right sauce to each course in style. Details at the table are crucial and with the sauce boats of the Elite and Contour lines it will be easy to make the difference.

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