Tailor Made

Enjoy a tailored, emotional and trendy experience, expressed in a made-to-measure fashion.


Your personal shopping

We are working to offer you a complete online shopping experience to see your customised cutlery set become reality. For the moment, you can write directly to our Customer Care: it will take care of your order and shipment, providing you any information for a perfect customization.


What are the customizable features?

Choose the Collection

Baroque, Contour, Dream, Filet Toiras, Flat, Gio Ponti, Hannah, Laurier, Linear, Queen Anne, Taste

Decide the finish

Mirror, Silverplated, Epns silver & gold, Antique, Vintage

Put some color

PVD Black, Copper, Gold, Champagne

Add your personal touch!

A special date, a monogram or a symbol

Find the perfect table set

Young, trendy, distinctive, seaside, banquet, complete, kids

Sambonet Tailor Made project is winner of the

Iconic Awards 2019 Innovative Interior: Best of the Best.

“This cutlery can be customised in countless ways makes it a real find. The products are notable for their lovely shapes and superb quality – plus they’re available as one-offs. An appealing sales argument. Sensational.”